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  Upstox is one of India's largest and fastest-growing brokers with over 50 lakh users.
  The app is easy-to-use, for both pro traders and beginners, and allows you to invest in Stocks,
 Futures, Options, Mutual Funds, and more. Opening an account is fast and paperless! Sign up now
 with my link to open your account and enjoy brokerage-FREE investing up to Rs 1000 for the first 30 days.


   Invesment in securities market are subject to market risk,
   enspread all the documents carefully before investing.
  *Brokerage will not exceed the SEBI prescribed limit.

Latest Songs

  Latest 15 Songs :-

  1. Udi Udi Ja [Inderjeet]

  2. Pyaar Karugi [ARmaan Bedil]   Coming Soon . . .

  3. Namo Namo Shivaay [Hansraj Raghuwandhi]

  4. Wah Byi Wah [Sonu LXD]  Coming Soon . . .

  5. It Ain't Legal [Karan Aujla]

  6. Hug [Manavgeet Gill]

  7. I Feel [Hardeep Singh]

  8. Duniya [Ranjit Bawa]

  9. Nain Bandhe Naino Se [Saindhavi Prakash]

  10. Shorua [Raavii Genix]

  11. Mood Happy [Brham Darya]

  12. Ishq Mein [Meet Bros]

  13. Ye Junoon [Anupriya Chatterjee]

  14. 3 Aarhi [Amrit Maan]

  15. Jis Din Shad Gyi [Jordan Sandhu]

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